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Hey there. Welcome to 7th grade Life Science at Pinacate 2016 Р2017 school year! This year we are going to try something that has never been done in the history of middle school.We are going to be turning science class into a massively multiplayer table top role playing game .This document is brief summary of some of the game mechanics we will be using this year РI have a  few other game elements and have lots of fun surprises planned out for you guys. I will be revealing of these secrets throughout the year.  I think we are going to have a lot of fun learning this year. I am really excited! I hope you are too. 

Getting Started

The ¬†first step is to log into the class¬†website. If you don‚Äôt have a username is¬†and password ‚Äď Talk to Mr. U so you get your account set up and have access to your Aeon.¬†

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.59.52 AM

When you get to the login page ‚Äď Type in your Username and Password. If you have forgot your username or password click on the link -‚ÄúLost Password‚ÄĚ You will be sent an email with your account info.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.07.09 PM

After you log in you should see a new new user interface bar at the top your screen. The interface bar has 3 features.

Message Center¬†– The green 0 indicates that you have no messages from me. If I sent you a notification the color will change to orange ‚Äď you can access to your message by clicking on the indicator.

Progress Bar ‚Äď the progress bar shows how much experience your Aeon currently has and how much more is needed to get to the next level. Clicking on the Progress Bar will allow you to quickly check your account information.

Stats Page ‚Ästthis is the main application you will use to track your Aeon as you level up and increase in experience, power, and wealth. ¬†

jane Smith stats

The Status page is one of the main pages you will use to navigate around the world of Logos. It has all of the information that is linked to your Aeon and account.

Level ‚Äď Level determines how much power and experience your Aeon¬†has gained in Logos. Your Aeon¬†level determines what your Aeon¬†is capable of accomplishing in the world of Logos. Most assingments, items, and activities will have a minimum level cap.

Experience ‚Äď Experience is a resource ¬†‚Äď experience points are the points that your Aeon will earn to level up. Your Aeon¬†will earn experience by completing missions,¬†assignments, projects ¬†and defeating opponents.

Gold ‚Äď Gold is the main currency in the world of Logos ‚Äď Your Aeon¬†will earn coins for completing certain tasks. I¬†will also give out gold during class as rewards. Gold will be used a¬†variety¬†of ways in class; most transaction with gold will be through the Shop¬†built into the Age of Aeon system.

Hit Points¬†¬†‚Äď Hit points are like your Aeon’s life points. Your citizenship in the class has direct effect on your Aeon. For example if your excessively late to class you avatar will take damage points. There will be¬†consequences getting too low on hit points. ¬†

Secret Stats РThere are two other stats that will effect you in the game these will be revealed at a later date if and when you reach the benchmarks. 


Achievements – You can earn unlocks by completing tasks, winning competitions, and by mastering skills. When you unlock an achievement a badge will be added to trophy case. Basically they are a way for you to show off your accomplishments and mad skillz.NormalAchivements

Professions and Powers – Once your Aeon Reaches a high enough level you will have the chance to choose a profession. Choosing a profession gives your Aeon access to exclusive in real life classroom powers and abilities. For now that’s all I’ll say about ¬†professions.Professions

I will not reveal too much about power at this time either, but I will say  that powers are probably the funnest game mechanic in the system. Powers are similar to achievements in that they can be unlocked. As soon as one of you reaches the required level I will reveal more information about powers and professions. 

PowersShop and Inventory – I have set up a classroom shop where you can spend your gold on items that will be added to your Aeon’s inventory. These items will range from some thing simple as bathroom pass or having access to the printer or as powerful as getting a hint on an exam. ¬†You can even transfer gold to each other through the class shop. ¬†All your items and can be viewed and managed¬†through¬†the inventory tab.



If all this seems kind of¬†overwhelming¬†or¬†incomprehensible¬†right now, its okay. We will be talking about these ideas and mechanics¬†thorough out the¬†year. I think you are really going to enjoy¬†this¬†experience. ¬†Oh yeah, one more thing… for reading this page all the way through here is¬†a little reward for you.¬†Congratulations and Welcome to Age of Aeon!¬†

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